when your smoking weed, u get an initial high for about 10 minutes. then phase 2 kicks in and u go crazy and cant think straight. after phase 2 kicks in ur completely blazed
bob: yo this weed isnt that good dude.
mike: hell yeah it is dude just wait for phase 2
by grayb August 11, 2008
Top Definition
After you smoke some weed, you get a little giddy. Then Phase 2 comes and you get completely stoned and start really feeling baked.
Dude are you high?

A little bit, I'm waiting for phase 2.
by Gray July 26, 2008
the act of getting an erection esp. due to visual stimulus and especially during the most awkward times
Brando: "oh man that chick is hot, i hope you can control yourself, bro"
Will: "OH CRAP"
Brando:"PHASE 2 PHASE 2!!!!!"
by alphabassdrummer August 02, 2007
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