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A Phase Laser is a woman or babe that instantly turns a guy on to an extreme level. Phase lasers are somehwhat rare and should be observed at a distance so that no harm can come to the male observer. Like love at first sight, a phase laser is similar in that she will in no doubt attract all the male attention in a 500m radius. When her pure gorgeousness and beauty along with perfection present itself, you will know that she is a true phase laser.
The term phase laser is derived from theoretical physics, in that a male will change what state(or phase) he is in when he catches a glimpse of phase laser.

WARNING do not over-dose on phase lasers, this can lead to extreme mental illness, and phase lasers should always be taken seriously. A flase phase laser (due to observing at a further than normal dustance) can cause blindness at close sight.
Tony! look away, she ain't no phase laser!

Look at that phase laser in that shop!

That phase laser in the green hoodie is phasy.
by Minnesia April 11, 2011
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