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An extremely unpleasant, not-so-common form of the common cold. Meaning literally what it says, a severe cold which develops symptoms in phases. Unlike an average cold which might include congestion, fever, runny nose, sore throat, etc. all at once in small amounts, a phase cold develops one, generally powerful symptom at a time and generally lasts for a lengthy amount of time. A phase cold often moves in stages similar to the following:

Day 1: Sore throat developing overnight, followed by ~24 hours of scratchiness and pain.

Day 2: Lessening or complete disappearance of symptoms, the calm before the storm. Lasts ~24 hours.

Day 3: Near the end of Day 2, a runny nose begins to develop. Overnight this builds into somewhat significant congestion and a continuation of the running nose for ~24hours or more.

Day 4: Generally the climax, Phase Four consists of major congestion, and abundance of phlegm, and a decreased sense of taste, having a very "cold", unappetizing taste in one's mouth. Fever and headache sometimes correspond. This phase often lasts as long as 48hrs or more.

Day 5: The eye of the storm. Like Day 2, everything seems to get better for ~24hrs. again.

Day 6 - up to 9: The phases come and go again in reverse order, generally with a sore throat again on the last day before the phase cold disappears altogether.

*Note: Colds can often break after only a few days, all phase colds do not necessarily run their full course dependent on sleep, treatment, etc.
**Also Note: Phases may vary, this is merely an example. Irritating or painful coughing could make up a phase as easily as any of the aforementioned symptoms.
I got another phase cold today... there goes the rest of my week. I swear no one else gets these.
by Osiris417 December 05, 2008
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