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Term used to describe when someone thinks they hear their cell-phone ringing or feel it vibrating in their pocket when it's actually not.
"Excuse me a sec... aw sorry, it was a phantom ring."
by ThatVargas February 04, 2005
When you perceive the sensation of your phone vibrating, but it's not.
"Hold on, let me get that....oh was just a phantom ring."
by messy2010 February 10, 2010
When your phone is on silent, and you could swear you just felt it vibrate. Usually during really boring times like work or school.
"I could have sworn I just got a text"

"Must be a phantom ring"
by Raidershater98 February 27, 2009
This happens when you are expecting a phone call - you keep hearing your cell phone ring or vibrate when it actually isn't.
Yes! Finally she called me back *reaches in pocket*
Dang it.. phantom ring.
by TTM January 20, 2006
phantom ring: when you think you hear or feel your phone (which is on vibrate) ring by vibrating in your pocket. you are convinced against all logic that your phone has vibrated, signaling a call when it has not.
you: yo bro, i think someone called my phone and i hear it vibrate.

friend: boy you trippin, another victim of the phantom ring.
by ace urameshi February 06, 2012
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