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A phantom step is the step that is always never there. But you will always convince yourself that it is. The phantom step is only felt during the night hours. When you walk up the steps, and feel like you haven't quite reached the top yet, you will always hoist your leg up a bit higher just to make sure you won't tumble. But low and behold, you had already reached the top. The phantom step is always followed by a feeling of confusion and a sense of disappointment.
I feel really stupid, I've lived in this house for years and I still fall prey to the phantom step
by PhantomStepper July 26, 2010
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When you your walking in the dark or preoccupied with your mobile phone/psp/ipod etc. etc. whilst on the stairs and then you get to the top step and totally freakout when you go to step on the next step and there isn't one there and you proceed to have a mini heart-attack and then you realize everything is ok.
*ring ring*
Jim: Oh hey man.
Ron: Hey wanna grab a beer later?
Jim: Yeah sounds good.
Ron: Ok I'm on my way to the car. I'll be over there in abo- aughhhhh.
Jim: Ron?! RON!?!?
Ron: Oh my sweet Jesus *sob*
Jim: Dude what's wrong?!?!
Ron: Oh never mind I was just walking up the stairs and there was a phantom step. No biggie.
Jim: Screw you.
by Sir Timothy Longcockathong February 13, 2009

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