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A headache like feeling that resembles a hangover despite no alcohol consumption the previous night
School was really tough today because I had a phantom hangover that lasted until 11
by memphis baller22 February 26, 2010
A hangover that is caused by the body being conditioned to consumption of alcohol, and triggered by memory/repetition.

If every Friday you get drunk, and have a hangover every Saturday as a result, your body becomes conditioned to feeling hungover upon waking up every Saturday.

If one friday you do not drink, but wake up feeling hungover anyway, due to your body just plain being used to the routine, you are the victim of a phantom hangover.

***Not an official medical condition, but it happens.
"You look like you had some fun last night."

"No, I didn't drink at all, but I got a phantom hangover!"
by BeppoMonger January 25, 2016
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