A cooler way of spelling Faggot. Means the same thing.
Jamal: Nigga, you a phaggot.
by abab1987 March 25, 2010
Top Definition
A faggot from Philadelphia
My friend Brian is a phaggot.
by MikeC. November 17, 2010
An idiot, moron, or other low intellectual individual. Does not mean the same as faggot. Does NOT mean a homosexual, unless that homosexual is of low intelligence.
Man that guy is a complete dumbass...a straight phaggot.

He is gay, what a phaggot. Nah dude I think you mean faggot, he is pretty smart so he isn't a phaggot.
by The adjuster January 04, 2014
A mix between Phone and faggot, meaning, Gay phone sex
You're such a creepy phaggot
by Dyna Tryadik July 25, 2015
word that describes a gay guy
phaggots are disguisting
by nick March 04, 2005
A term for brotherly celebration of friendship; n. Comrade. Companion. Friend. Pal. Silly Beaver.
Hey ya phaggot! How she be goin'?
by Phaggot-Master September 04, 2003
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