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Peuling- Verb (to peaul)
Pronounced: {Peeling}
Background: A word made up in the North East of America in the town of Meriden CT. Neo-Punks and Neo-Hippies are welcome to use this word.

1. Peuling is to strike an awkward, weird pose in public, to attract the attention of others. It is usually a creative, almost insane looking pose.

2. Peuling can also apply to walking or running out of the ordinary. To walk around like you've just smoked a rock of crack. To stretch a leg as far as possible.

3. To purposely fall in a crowded area only to hear the laughs of others.

Peuling is done in crowded areas. Onlookers usually stare, or laugh. I have seen it done most by "mall rats" "Punks" and "Hippies".

"Oh my god, look at that kid peuling over there! HAHAHA hes zig-zagging with his arms above his head through that crowd of elderly people!"
by CHALKK August 30, 2008

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