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A level of specificity too specific to be of concern to a layperson, but that is often discussed at great length by those concerned with minute details of the subject matter.
A: "But if the transmutation statute requiring written evidence kicks in after 1985, you can rebut the 1984 Anti-Lucas joint tenancy presumption written requirement with an oral or implied transmutation agreement from 1984 through 1985. And conversely, the oral or written rebuttal before the 1987 Anti-Lucas Joint Title Presumption can overcome the transmutation requirement from 1985 through 1987, right guys?"

B: "I guess... but do we really need to know all that? That sounds like a Peterson Level of Abstraction you're getting to there."
#nerd #detailed #specific #useless details #tmi
by In re Marriage of Mix April 30, 2010
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