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Someone whom is stinky. They usually burn nostrils or eyes. The sight of a Peterkin will result in automatic thoughts of suicide. Peterkin is never attractive. A Peterkin looks like a rabbit or resembles a person that is cursed with some type of mental retardation. It is physically impossible to be a Peterkin without smelling, seeing as Peterkin showers on rare occasions. People who follow the religion of Peterkin will usually date someone fat, ugly, nerdy, smelly, or a nasty combination of those. For example, the Jonas Brothers are Peterkin like, as is Justin Bieber.
Friend 1- Ew, dude, you're such a Peterkin. Fuck off you smelly fuck.


i'm awsome!!!
no you're not dude don't lie
i'm awsome!!!
i'm drivin around in my mom's ride
i'm awsome!!!

Friend 1- Go kill yourself before I do.
by boobsinmyhair April 25, 2010

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