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When one is completely janked and knackered with the world, their surroundings and its accompanying bullshit, but despite is still able to free their conscience of life's obstructions, finally see the world clearly and live life stressfree with fucktitude. This person is living the Peter Gibbons Dream and is said to have gone through the Peter Gibbons Transformation.
* Peter Gibbons is a character referred to from the movie Office Space.
J: "I used to stress over anything and everything, but I figure, you only live once so lets go with the fucktitude. Now i'm just a happy carefree dude."
S: "Wow you went through the Peter Gibbons Transformation."

S: "I'm constantly embroiled in a battle with myself and for the first time in along time, i've been able to let it all go w/relative ease...just feels like i went through a really good self-renewification.
J: "That's the fucktitude! You went through the Peter Gibbons Transformation and now youre living the Peter Gibbons Dream yo!"
by JE_Klektik June 21, 2006
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