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Pete Wentz Forehead Syndrome (also known as PWFS) is a recognised illness. Symptoms include:

=A need to dye hair jet-black, preferably with a floppy fringe.

=Having an abnormally large forehead, which needs to be covered with said floppy fringe.

=Showing signs of being a douchebaggot.

=Repeatedly bullshitting about anything and everything.

Pete Wentz Forehead Syndrome can be treated with several blows to the head and/or depriving the victim of their hair dye.

Unfortunately for Pete Wentz, he was not treated fast enough and so his PWFS is permanent, which is why it was named after him.
Person 1: Oh my god, did you see Lewis? I didn't know he had Pete Wentz Forehead Syndrome!

Person 2: Pch, how could you not know that? He bullshits and has a massive head. Of course he has PWFS.
by Hello.Jay. November 30, 2009
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