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(PERV – uh – tron), noun; portmanteau of pervert + electron

Ostensibly an airport security device that electromagnetically scans the entire body of the suspect, er traveler, and then delivers porn-grade, virtual images of said man, woman or child to underpaid TSA apparatchiks and the geeky technicians who maintain the device.
Sergio: Hey, Vito! Come feast yo' eyes on the piece of cheesecake that just walked into our new Pervetron-6900!

Vito: Man, those gotta be at least 36-Ds! Hey, Sergie! Zoom in there… is that a clit ring I see?

Sergio: Oh, yea! Cha-ching! We's got ourse'f a money shot!

Vito: Quick, Serge! Snap a picture with your iPhone for the collection!
by JoJo-Napolean August 04, 2010
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