When someone is not only perfect or close to it but happens to be able to get real freaky or has an imagination so graphic that its almost sick but the good kind they are pervect
I can make anything sick and I am just the kind of person that is well liked ect. I am so pervect
by Jasmine M Bell August 13, 2007
Top Definition
The state of being both perfect and perverted
Andrew Kim is pervect
by ak'swife November 24, 2011
An adjective relating to taking delight in an inappropriate sexual relationship or action between the user of the word and a taboo subject. Most typically used for violations of statutory age limits on romantic relationships, it can also be used toward fetishistic objects (sex dolls/toys, fictional characters, inanimate objects of random passion) or other anathema (beastiality, incest, etc.).
The 25 year old looked to the 15 year old he had just manipulated into riding in his 'pedovan' and found the situation pervect.

The lonely anime nerd and his Haruhi pillow/sex-doll were the pervect couple.
by Irony Aficionado March 05, 2010
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