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When you reach your hand up under a girls dress and fondle her upon first meeting. Although illegal in most countries, it is a term used as a show of affection to beautiful ladies around the globe. Of course most of the ladies might not appreciate it as much as the men do but, it is a great term to use to the laymen that does not tip them off as to your intentions. The term was first coined by Mr. Fisher in 2008 while out on the town in Texas, and has grown like wildfire from there.
Hey check her out, I would love to give her a Peruvian Handshake!
by Barry Myhoginya August 20, 2010
A Peruvian male tradition occuring when two individuals meet. Out of respect, one man holds his hand out, signalling to the other man that he left his poison tipped arrow at home. In response, the second man either extends his hand, grasps the other man's hand, grabs firmly and, in perfect harmony guides both hands up and down like a kite on a white, sandy Lima beach. Or he grabs his poison tipped arrow out of his napsack and stabs the other man three times in the forehead.

The Peruvian handshake has become banal in most cultures. For this reason, the "Peruvian" is often dropped, and the gesture is more widely known as "The Handshake".
After the Aztec ball game of Toltec, players from the losing team rarely engage in Peruvian handshakes with members of the winning team, because they are summarily executed, and their skulls are instantaneously turned in to the balls for th next game.
by Lyger_Lvr_4_Evr December 29, 2008
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