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Peruanista is a person or institution who has a lovely fascination with Peru and its cultures, peoples, facts, everything Peruvian, but who doesn't necessarily lives or is based in Peru or is Peruvian at all.

Peruanista is also the best blog about Peru ever, the dude who writes it does his own writing, video, photo and all that stuff that bloggers do, and he has a fixation with Indigenous and Black folks. Just google it, you will find it! good stuff.
Every time I think of a great place, Peru comes to mind. I think I'm going Peruanista.

Why are you talking so much about that Peru stuff? I bet you are one of those Peruanistas.

I just read something so interesting and cool about Peru that I had never known or imagine... oh, you must found the blog Peruanista.
by CarlosQC February 06, 2010
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