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Malignant tumour of the brain, leading to the characteristic neoplastic lesion of perspex buttons residing in the white matter of the brain. Patients may notice perspex in their urine (perspexuria) , vomiting out perspex (perspexemesis) , coughing up perspex (perspexoptysis), pain during intercourse with perspex (dysperspexyreunia) and report strong cravings for glass items. First described by Dr. Steven in 2008. There is currently no known cure for perspexoma. Can metastasise to other organs leading to complete encapsulation in perspex pots.
Dr. Steven: "The results of your MRI have come back and the news isnt good. I'm afraid you have a perspexoma."

"Have you donated money to the perspexoma foundation?"
by A-Bizzle-Shizzle-Fizzle September 14, 2008
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