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Someone who is the human equivalent to all the symptoms of an STD.

A person with personality STD personifies symptoms including but not limited to: warts, oozy abscesses, itchiness, redness, inflammation of the rectum, and death.

These individuals use a form of bugchasing; they wish to contract personality STD and find delight in giving others personality STD. Unlike the traditional term if bugchasing, these individuals use stupidity as a form to contract and give this disease, as opposed to not wearing a condom.
Aaron: Government should regulate anything. Like lead paint. I mean, what, 4 or 5 kids must have died? I know this sounds harsh but, does the market have to suffer if a few kids die? I know I would give my kids lead painted toys.

Sophie: It causes severe brain damage.

Aaron: Well, thats not true. But if it was, then that would only happen if they put it in their mouth, and that's the parents fault. I mean, tell your toddler to stop putting things in its mouth.

Sophie: Stop trying to give me your personality STD.
by Jucier May 21, 2013
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