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Notably the worst smelling flatulence known to man. A consistent, dense, thick, wide-ranging yet slow-moving cloud of flatulence which has a distinct smell on top of the regular anal odors. Known as a "Persian" fart due to the fact that almost all Persian males produce this identical scent when releasing anal odor discharge. The odor of the discharge causes nauseous recations from all smellers (aside from the releaser) in the area.
John: "Dude, what is that smell? Jesus, it's horrible! gagging insues, along with shirt-over-nose move"
Sherwin: "Sorry, I just ripped a fattie."
John: "Ah, that is such a foul Persian Fart dude. I told you not to pinch one of those again."
by D-Stutter April 26, 2006

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