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the punishment to anyone riding in your car which forces them to ride bitch for a long amount of time. This can be brought about by any annoying action.
Bob was being an annoying faggot, which earned him permabitch for the ride to and from the beach. He wasn't annoying for a while after that.
by Jake Herman July 25, 2007

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1. Someone who is always in a bitchy mood and/or PMSing.
Sam: "My mom is always pissin' me off and bitchin' me out."

Gage: "Dude, she's a perma-bitch."
by GageT90 June 01, 2009
having a constant and lasting expression on one's face as to express bitchiness and disdain for seemingly anything and everything. This constant look or exppression on a person entails him or her to have the permabitch face, thus rendering themselves annoying and irritating to everyone. The expression is akin to a scowl, but more gruesome and annoying due to the person's overall personality.
Wow, that girl has one of the worst attitudes and is annoying all the time. Come to think of it, she has a permabitch face, don't you think?
by reckywind April 07, 2011