Well Perky coconuts island is a place where the kool BUSHMURRYS live eg. Kelsi Courtz and katherine, on connecting islands that surround the most Mugliest place of all dun dun dun Native Land ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! Neway hu cares bout Native land (covered in fig trees eww) ill carry on wid the bshmry island eg. Perky coconuts island. it has the meana lil huts and mai mai to live in (wen the japs invade) great surf coz the bshmrys r pro surfers and kool dams to eel in coz they r soo cool (oh and good at eeling) there mode of trnsport r ford fairlanes and the drag in ford lasers.
Native: how u doing, where u cum from
bshmry: perky coconuts island! U?
Native: native land
bshmry: ewww get away frm me mugly
Native: wanna have mi baby
bshmry: ewww go ask a fellow native
by Katherine May 31, 2004
Top Definition
Perky Coconuts Island is the Island the the bushmurrys bushmurry live on. It has 4 islands in the shape of circles touching eachother. It is surrounded by beautiful beach. On these Islands you will find gorgi huts and palm trees and beautiful people. BUT however in the middle of the islands in an ugly wasteland where people called the NATIVES live they live in fig trees and have no lifes. COME TO PERKY COCONUTS ISLAND WHERE THE SURF IS GREAT AND THE GIRLS R PRETTY(KELSI IS)
Native: ur hot where do u live?
Kelsi: perky coconuts island of course
Courtz: R u and native or a bushmurry
Native: Native
Courtz kat and kelsi: pooh go back to your wasteland! no interbreding with natives
Native: Damn i liked the look of that blonde one
Kelsi: Who me?
Native: yes you!
by Courtney May 21, 2004
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