People who realize how stupid punk, emo, gothic, skater, etc people are. These people never lose an argument unless they want to because they can always think of something clever to say back or make the other person sound like an idiot. They don't use their amazing powers unless someone pisses them off by either saying or doing something dumb. Usually nice to anyone unless you cross them.

Ways to know if you are a perfect person:
1. You don't listen to music about how the government sucks, how life sucks, slitting your wrists, poorly thrown together pop music like Jessica Simpson, Britany Spears, etc.
2. You're open minded, but you have strong beliefs.
3. You realize how fun life is and don't get into trouble with the police or purposely try to make an ass of yourself in public to strangers.
4. You don't think about skateboarding in your dreams, at school, or make videos about skateboarding.
5. Your hair color is natural.
6. You only use your powers for good.
Perfect people kicked my ass. - Some skater loser
by Josh March 28, 2005
Top Definition
A perfect person is somebody who gets on Urban Dictionary and insults others on Urban Dictionary who look up things such as "emo", "scene", "prep", etc.

These people choose to write very biased definitions that should simply not be taken under any consideration whatsoever.

They listen to plain boring music. A small mix, really. Bands that almost everybody likes. They wear plain clothing, have average hair, live in an average house, etc. They're boring and love to insult others' style.

Also, if there's a definition that they don't agree with, they put a thumbs down.
"I hate emo people. Since I'm a perfect person, I'm going to go write retarded definitions because I have nothing wrong with me."
by B Drizzle Bitches August 27, 2009
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