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An urban myth or folk tale, made up by lonely, heartbroken girls to keep their lives worth living. He is non-existent, a fantasy. Yet many still continue to search for him, with no luck. There is no 'perfect', only 'fake' and 'lying'.
I've been searching for my perfect boy for so long now... I'm starting to think he's not real.
by gypsieprincess February 13, 2011
an all around sweetheart, this guy will hold doors open for you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear, send you flowers for your birthday,and be extremely romantic. Any girl lucky enough to have one should hold onto him for as long as possible.
Guy1:Hey,wanna hang out sometime?
Girl1:Sorry,i already have a perfect boy waiting for me.
by D_9_FanGirl February 20, 2010