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The act flushing the toilet in the middle of a piss, timing it so the all the water flushes down right as you finish. This works best on household toilets, especially ones that take a few seconds to flush.
Gary: Hurry up!!!
John: Don't worry, I'll take the perfect piss.
Gary: Wow, that was fast!!
by fitz6278 October 01, 2011
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1) A pee that takes more than 20 seconds.

2) A pee that is not's pretty much transparent.

3) A pee that you've held in for so long that when you finally pee you wanna die because it felt soooo good.

4) A piss that's, well, perfect.
Guy in the bathroom-Fuck yeah!
Guy outside of bathroom-What?
Guy in the bathroom-I got a fuckin' Perfect Piss!
Guy outside of bathroom-Is it still going?
Guy in bathroom-Hell yeah! And it's transparent!
Guy outside of bathroom-Well, alright!!!
Guy in bathroom-I know! And I've been holding it in for sooooo long, too!

^Bam. Definition of a perfect piss, right there^
by king of the porcelain throne April 03, 2014

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