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The act of taking a shit while squatting on the very edge of something, so that your shit drops at least a foot or two. Preferrably several stories up. Like taking a gargoyle shit.
Man, I was checking out this apartment with my girlfriend, and I realized the place didn't have a working bathroom, so while the realtor and her were in the kitchen, I dropped a massive perch off the balcony with my ass hanging over the railing.

Also, the curtain across that sliding door.
by ixat January 26, 2013
A protruding chin on a female where you can rest your testicles while she is performing fellatio
Bill: Caitlin gave me a gobby last night
Terrence: Did you use the perch?
by Big Timmah March 02, 2014
to hang out in a creepy fashion (ie: in the corner); to observe from afar; a form of voyeurism.
Man that dude is such a creep, why is he perching in the corner?
by C Burnett February 10, 2008
Chill. Adding -in to the end makes it perchin, which means fucking straight up chilling.
1.Thomas: Dude that kids a total douchebag

Dave: Nahh that kid's fuckin perch man

2. Thomas: What are you doing tonight?

Dave: Just perching at home, lets have a fucking booty call
by The entire country of Portugal April 16, 2007
A hoe that has given way too much head resulting in permanent lock-jaw. The one with the biggest mouth is referred to as the "nile perch."
Did you see that girl's mouth? She was obviously a perch.
by Perches United June 14, 2010
What does perch mean? That can be answered with another question... What doesn't perch mean?

Can aslo be said as; Perchy, used as a noun adjective or any other part of speech.
Becky: Woah those people seemed pretty perch.
Rachel: Yeah, very perchy.
by Awesomeninjabeast February 04, 2010
alternate way to describe giving someone the middle finger.
"you want a perch? there! ya perched!!" (giving middle finger)
by the butcher September 30, 2006
The americanized translation of Berj.
Man, I perched that situation.
by Scott Griffin August 27, 2005