a drink which is better than coke (THE BEVERAGE) for the simple reason that is has more sugar and caffeine. the good stuff
got any pepsi? no? i'll settle for coke (THE BEVERAGE) then
by the ppope of ppoop July 24, 2008
Pop (or soda) that comes in different varieties. It is the main competetor with Coca-Cola, and a good alternative to heavy boozing.
Pepsi comes in several kinds now. They include: Original, full-calorie Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, special half-calorie Pepsi, and Christmas Spice Pepsi.
I think I'll have a Pepsi.
by jonesy December 11, 2004
Pepsi= Coke + more water + more sugar. Ta da.
Why does my Coke taste like it's been watered down and sugar has been added? Oh it's Pepsi..
by Vic Shelick August 27, 2003
Cola beverage, similar to coke.
"Wake up people,... Pepsi and coke are the same thing!" -Hommer Jay Simpson
by Justin J April 23, 2004
fucking losers drink
"lets have some pepsi"
"fuck off you loser"
by milo March 28, 2004
Devil Juice, Crap, Worse than Coke.
"Hey Earl do you wanna get me a pepsi?"

"Hell naw thats devil juice"
by DrkTy March 15, 2005
1 can of pepsi has abt 365 calories..n a sexual intercourse can burn quite alot of those calories ...so after havin pepsi it is recommended 2 fuck if one wants 2 stay fit and healthy...so if sum1 invites u 4 a pepsi make sure wat he/she actually means...
lets have a pepsi now then mayb v can have sum fun
by xyz July 17, 2004

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