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Pepsi Wylde is Pepsi cola variety introduced into the Australian market on 31st of December 2008. It is targeted at the Gay and Lesbian community.

The name Pepsi Wylde alludes to the free, alternative and energetic spirit of the gay and lesbian community, and also to the poet-author Oscar Wilde who was also a flaming man's-man

The launch of Pepsi Wylde included an advertising campaign featuring actor Hugh Jackman, in a vague reprise of his role as Peter Allen, yelling the slogans "Have it all, baby!" and "We dance to a rainbow music!" cracked out of his fucking gourd, dancing to a Euro-beat soundtrack in an alleyway filled with sweaty, half naked gay men.
Pepsi Wylde! We dance to a rainbow music!
by Immortal Yawn January 02, 2011
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