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The People's Goatse Party is an internet group who spread the ideals of Goatse Socialism through spam attacks, creating forum wars, and other such things. Their method of attacks are vile and disgusting, consisting of posting Goatse, Meatspin, Tubgirl, and just about everything inbetween.

== The Attacks ==
The attacks can be as short as a couple of minutes, or as long as 4+ hours. The attacks usually comes in short beggining waves of a couple of people, and then gradually become a full scale forum invasion consisting of as many people as possible (usually 15+). Each member usually posts hundereds of threads consisting of the pictures said before in undr an hour. The posts usually add up to 1000+ all together.
== The Aftermath ==
In most cases, the board is shut down, but sometimes the admin can get on before the situation can get out of hand. If this is the case, the PGP will not stop. They will return, with an unlimited amount of proxies and will spam until the board goes offline.
== Enemies of the People's Goatse Party ==
There are many enimies of the PGP, yet most have already been defeated by the PGP.
Current undefeated enimies of the PGP-
*Hooligans of the Night
*Anything associated with Super Soakers
*Yu-Gi-Oh InvisionFree community
== Not Just Smalltime ==
BE AWARE! It is not just smalltime forums that the PGP hits, It has been known to hit large commercial communities such as , G4 (on multiple occasions), 1up, and many cammercial Yu-Gi-Oh forums.
== BEWARE! ==
Forum Admin: OH NOES GOATSE!
Forum n00b: MEIN EYES!
Forum Admin: Damn The People's Goatse Party!
by German Commie June 21, 2006
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