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This is a technique used to navigate large dense crowds, such as those witnessed at large-scale sporting events, or other venues like airports, concerts, and wedding receptions. The technique employs a method not unlike that used in professional racing. To "people draft", you walk behind a person (usually, but not always, a friend) that clears the way for you to travel the same path - yet using less energy to do so. The lead person uses more energy as people move out of the way because they are: 1) warned by verbal and visual cues or 2) are slightly bumped (or in some cases, blatantly pushed) out of the way. Being in the draft position is optimum in most cases - especially if any of the debris (people) become angry that they were pushed - as you can keep your involvement with this debris minimal.
Dude, I was at the carnival chasing after this hot young naughty that had gotten separated from her friends. After a while, I realized I was simply people drafting her, but that was okay because her behind was extremely easy on the eyes. I finally caught up to her and we made it happen.

Steve is the best to people draft behind, because that dude is so fat and has no fear of the debris.
by Chapin November 20, 2006

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