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A "Penny Drop" is a term used by the belligerent people of the middle class society. This word is used to define a situation that arises when a supremely STD infested ex-girlfriend proudly proclaims that she has transpired to receive an std directly from you in public for all to hear.
Dave: "Jimmy, have you been amongst the moistness of your heinous endeavours of late?"

Jimmy: "Bro, you would never believe it, I was at the ORI last night and I copped a Penny Drop.....!!!"

Dave: "Which disease this time broheim??"

Jimmy: "She claims....that it was...aids....."

Dave: "Well, you look well healthy, must be a penny drop".

Jimmy: "Dont worry bro, next time I will give her heinous aids through the knuckles bro"
#fisting #anal #drop #penny kent #penelope kent #crackafat #dumpster sluts #ashlea vallance
by Penelope Faith Kent August 28, 2008
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