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The State has the worst roads and traffic ticket laws in the whole country. There are meddling dutch people who have an attitude problem and are suspicious of everybody who is not Dutch. It is taboo to walk in some of the Northeast cities because of fat paranoid dutch people. It is filled with bigoted conservative pigs who hate everybody that is not German. There are old people who do not like people who have black hair and often sit on their porch with police scanners. Philadelphia is the armpit of all the Northeast cities and is just known for its cheese steaks. The suburbs if filled with pretentious snobs who call the police on people who do not drive BMW, Volks Wagon, or Ford(its a german thing).
Friend: Why is that dutch lady with the tennis hat giving me a dirty look?
ME: She is part of neighborhood watch and wants to call the police. She is bored.


Friend: Why do people have stickers with the letters N-R-A?
ME: It is a bunch of extreme libertarian people who live in the woods and suburbs who want to shoot somebody for no reason.

Friend:Why do people have such a hard ass attitude?
ME: It is a German thing.
by ConservativeGermanScumbag March 10, 2013
A nice state on the East Coast. Pennsylvania is divided into three sections..

1.) Philadelphia and the East are filled with snotty WASPs and JAPs who think that they're sooo New York.
2.) Pittsburgh and the West are filled with ethnic people with hard work ethics (from old steel mill/coal mine days).
3.) Central is an endless piece of nothing, filled with mountains (the Appalachian trail), and Penn State fans.

The suburbs of Philly are by far the nicest places in the state, and even on the East Coast. Drexel Hill, Gladwyne, and Wyomissing are the best of course.

The roads do suck, it's true, but if you put out the money to attend one of the many private or prep schools in the area, the education you'll receive is top shelf.

And you can buy alcohol on Sundays. Also home to the second biggest mall in the country, King of Prussia. (Named after *gasp* the KING of PRUSSIA).
Hey, we're not all Amish... just Lancaster!
by LC Fan09 August 05, 2005
I think only people that live in Pennsylvania should be posting opinonated stuff on here,hmm?
I grew up next to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. Yes we have two different Super Wal-Marts and a Super Target. But we also have a couple different Starbucks incase you city slickers come by :) We also have a large array of over populated fast food restuarants,including many different McDonalds restuarants.
But we still have Starbucks :DDD
Home of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins,Pittsburgh Steelers,Philadelphia Eagles,and Penn State Lions.

(and for the record,we have an Abercrombie,a Hollister,and a couple different American Eagles. so put that in your pipe and smoke it.)

On a side note: We aren't all trailer parks and cow farms,assholes. We have indoor plumbing. I didn't grow up picking up cow crap every morning.
true Pennsylvania girls rule.
by esrurytdfhdfyi February 10, 2008
land granted to william penn by king of england. the statue of william penn on city hall has him holding the charter, which just looks like he's holding a boner. home of yuengling, the band cinderella and wawa. better than most people make it out to be. the home of the simpsons.
pennsylvania is much better than new york, new jersey and delaware combined.
by ragnarokker August 07, 2004
Hmm. No ones brought up the fact that us Pittsburghians have an awesome accent and talk 200 miles an hour. Pittsburghese i think its called. And the scenery is amazing. PA isnt completely taken over by industry, so you can see hills rolling on for miles. And ok, so there are a lot of weird places like Eighty-four where you get absolutely no cable or phone lines (I actually have friends who live there..), but I think the people here are a lot nicer than you think.
Visit PA and take some notes, eh?
by Jessie May 21, 2004
I've lived near the Philadelphia area most of my life. I also spent about 6 weeks in northwest Texas, 8 months in Tampa Bay, and the last 5 months in Central Virginia. Compared to all of those, Pennsylvania is awesome. The big city was an hour away, the mountains were about 2 hours from where I lived, and the beach was close enough that we could make a day of it. Philadelphia may be part of a megalopolis, but you don't have to go very far before you're in the country. You get to experience the best of both worlds when you live in PA. Yes, we have attitude, but it's not like we'll never talk to outsiders. We just don't talk to them if they tell us we're all assholes when the farthest north they've ever even been is DC, which isn't even part of the North. We're actually some of the nicest people in the country, we just like to drive fast.
That place is really diverse. It's a Pennsylvania.
by crazyg4j December 10, 2009
Land of one lane bridges, Potholed Roads Going up 800 foot mountains at a 75 degree angle, Amish people, Mountains, awesome scenery, Union love, Confederate hate, and one of the largest cities in the country, Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania is awesome to visit, but it sux to actually live there
by Grant July 17, 2003
Pennsylvania is underrated as a "shitty hick state". Well I know that may be true of the pittsbrugh area (even though they have awesome snowboarding mountains). Philadelphia is basically a little bit historic town and a lotta bit ghetto nation. Theres at least 2 gang shootings there a day. The suburbs of Pa are really the place to be though. I mean where else do you have rich kids, poor kids, dropouts, 11-year old seniors and drugs galore?! The weather is as unpredictable as whether or not your parents are having an affair. One day last year is snowed and the very next day the weather was 70 degrees and sunny. When I meet people out of state I usually hear things like, "Do you see the liberty bell every year for field trips?" "Are you amish?" and "Whats Wawa?" Myself, I have never seen the liberty bell and know that amish people wouldn't even go out of state due to lack of cars. As for Wawa, Pennsylvanians know its the greatest place ever invented. The amish are in Lancaster everyone knows that and there arent as many of them as people think. I don't know what to think of northern Pa, I'm starting to think it doesn't exist. I've lived here all my life and have never heard a thing about Northern Pa or met anyone who lived there. If you live there, let me know. As for the shitty roads, In the last 2 years Im pretty sure all the roads near my house have been ripped up and expanded somehow, so basically, yeah. Shitty roads. So far this is the only state I've ever seen where a hick-filled general store (which is awesome by the way) that is located less than a mile away from multi-million dollar mansions. I guess Pa is also notorious for Bam Margera. He makes appearances at Boarderline (a nearby skate park) and a lot of people say hes actually an asshole. The most annoying thing about Pennsylvania is probably Penn State. Supposedly, an awesome school, but obviously, brainwashes its students into obsessing over it. There are so many diehard Eagles and Steelers fans in this state, it is unheard of. Sure, we don't have beaches or hawt celebs, we have shitty roads and our sports teams suck, but we still own all.
Loser: "Dude, Pennsylvania is so lame."
Me: "Are there cannibalistic, child-stealing, rocksalt-shooting, circus-escaping, inbreeding clans of albinos in your state?!"
Loser: "..no"
Me: "Yeah, thats what I thought fuckface"
by sillyhatsONLY October 11, 2006