A small down in the South West corner of Virginia. It is located in Lee County.
Bob lives in Pennington Gap
by Ryon420 July 06, 2008
Top Definition
A small town in Lee County, VA, on the SW corner of the state. It's where I live, and I didn't expect anyone to know about it. It's a nice town, I know of 2 or 3 millionaires who live here, and the 2 are related to me, while my family gets by in a 55 grand, 50 YR house, paying it off to my aunt, getting checks in the mail due to their disabilities, and right now have like 2 grand, but a 55 grand house and about 10-12 grand in cars. We have a truck and a 1999 or 1998 Mustang in perfect condition, 6 grand. All in all, it's a good town, with both the trailer trash, the actual, good, big apartments, the rich people, and the people on the hills like me.
Pennington Gap, nice town.
by The Mighty Stiletto May 24, 2010
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