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A small magnet school for the arts located in the bootleg part of High Point, North Carolina. Students tend to complain about it being so small, but they actually love it a lot. Students pick a major from: Art, Band, Chorus, Dance, Drama, Guitar, Orchestra, and Piano. It rocks.
Aunt Mildred: So Johnny, where do you go to school now?
Johnny: I go to Penn-Griffin School for the Arts and I major in dance
Aunt Mildred: What? What's that? Penn-what?
by orchestra ftw April 22, 2008

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Arts school located in high point, NC. Offers orchestra, band, dance, chorus, piano, theatre, art, and GUITAR.
A middle and high school.
suck it.
Look, theres that school! Penn-Griffin School for the Arts!
by ismarticlever October 22, 2007
A middle and high school of the arts located in high point, Nc. Guitar, piano, orchestra, band, chorus, art, dance, and theater arts are all part of it.

Guitar Rules xP
Hmm... that is so Penn-Griffin School for the Arts of you...
by Writing_about_Emery November 23, 2007