greatest word ever. used by lauren, autumn, and katie. used to fill silence during awkward moments.
"penis weasel"
by lauren :] November 10, 2008
Top Definition
A person who will interrupt a friends attemp to seduce a person of the opposite sex, just to introduce themselves and try to seduce the same person.
Taylor: Would you like to get out of here and go back to my place?

Object of Seduction: Well...

Josh: Excuse me, I'm Josh. Can I buy you a shot?

Taylor: Dammit Josh, you penisweasel
by Yeah-Booooy January 29, 2014
One who, by acting like a dick, ferrets out the existence of dicks around him.
That Penis Weasel was awesome. Without him we never would have known Terik was a dick.
by Aberrant Stampede April 13, 2011
a person who willingly dicks you over for the sake of their own genetalia.
"Hey i saw john making out with you're girlfriend!"

"yeah he is quite the penis-weasel..."
by J-Meezy July 01, 2008
fun word to say when high. another word for dickhead or fag etc.
peter stop being such a goddam penis weasel
by sam and nicole May 24, 2008
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