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Often used when defeating another player in video games. Made popular by players in halo 3 who would often change their symbol to a grenade and a banner. This when changed to one color (commonly red- got raped so hard there was blood) look a lot like a penis.
Winner: Haha look at that looser, I penised him soo bad.

Looser: WTF are you talking about?
by SeeDemTails September 18, 2009
26 15
1. Forceful, yet playful interaction between a throbbing happy-rod and <insert orifice here>. Doesn't really need much more explanation.
person1: haha! she got penised in her/the <insert orifice here>!
by aka_Pyro May 26, 2007
32 10
Sexual intercourse involving the use of a penis. Not a fake penis, but a real penis possesed by a male of the species. e.g. a lesbian cannot "penis" another lesbian.
Dude, wookie totally penised lyzzi last night.
by Fianslip March 18, 2006
29 9
When an individual has had someone elses penis rubbed over them, usually unwillingy. Most commonly rubbed on the head
'Hahaha, did you see ashley just got penised by elliot?!' - After Elliot rubbed his penis over ashley's head.
by Miss A. Crew September 25, 2008
7 1
The act of calling one's phone, and shouting penis before hanging up.
"Oh did you hear? Bill just got penised last night."
by Bluntz May 29, 2006
8 7
Having the penis.
Matt is a strange penis'ed lady.
by Lethany Bincoln October 07, 2011
0 0
1. to dominate one's tasks
2. to defeat convincingly
1. Sentence: I really penised that test
2. Sentence: Team A penised Team B; the game was never close.
by Daddy_1 April 14, 2010
3 5