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A wade of toilet paper used to keep your penis off of the toilet seat.
"I had to use a nasty toilet to take a shit and didn't want my penis in the water or resting on the seat; so I gave my dick a Penis Pillow."
by AlaricGoof October 10, 2015
A pillow that a man often places between his thighs at night so that his penis and testicles are not uncomfortably squeezed by his legs.
My dick's been super uncomfortable while sleeping lately, so I used a penis pillow last night.
by XxPUSSYxSLAY3RxX June 22, 2015
Luscious, female lips.
"Dude, Angelina Jolie has amazing penis pillows!"

"Excuse me good Sir, but I do believe that Scarlett Johansson has an even better set of penis pillows."
by Forrest Olinger April 16, 2007
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