'joy'stick for men when masturbated
and for women when getting fucked
he played with his penis whenever he got bored
by ewrwe May 13, 2006
Two meanings:
1. a male organ used for sexual or asexual reproduction

2. another word for a certain fruit which you don't know the name for
Have you tried this penis cake? its really good
by Reverend T May 02, 2006
The penis is the Love pump organ on the male body making girls around the world scream in pleasure!

They also have many nicknames such as mr. peepers!
sheela: mmm dean bo bean, let me taste your peepers
dean: yea sure sheela...my peepers is your personal lollie ;]
by dean bo bean July 21, 2005
The thing that hangs between your legs that people like to have sex with. Very good for peeing wile your having sex and good to suck on.Any by the way, did i forget to say it's the BEST FUCKING THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can i suck your little fucking penis?
by PENISinYOURmouth January 27, 2005
The tool of man. A paintbrush; a dancer; a lover; a hater; a fucker; a pleasure-mobile; the best.
I need my penis-in-a-jar back... its love making time!
by NK February 19, 2004
Word commonly seen in various forms on urbandictionary .
user: hee hee hee penis pen15 pen0r cock rod fukstik dick one-eyed monster staff wood..............................................................etc etc etc etc
by stupidchicken2k4 February 02, 2004
god gave man a brain and penis and only enough blood to use one at a time.
IamTheMastaKilla: enough about the penis talk
IamTheMastaKilla: its making me all hot and bothered
HarmlessDarkness: really, because it's making us laugh in amusement
HarmlessDarkness: and scorn
IamTheMastaKilla: ok i was jokinh
HarmlessDarkness: aww we're not
IamTheMastaKilla: penis talk doesnt make me all hot and bothered
HarmlessDarkness: penis?
by Lucy Clarymontberg December 14, 2003

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