the male organ that is placed on your face.
" look at that guy, he has a penis on his face. "
by Luluu December 16, 2005
Penis: to sneeze violently

Peni: Multiple cases of a penis
"Man that was one big penis"
by Decaying_one November 25, 2005
A shaft which is connected to most males that is used to persuade women into pro-choice.
I dissagree against abortion but not if you use your PENIS on me!
by PinSeekr October 16, 2005
Male tool. Used to masturbate with and to relieve of urinal waste. The "Ejaculatte" is a commonly performed 'move' or 'combo' done with the penis.

Very popular word on urban dicitionary looked up by people either because they are perverted or have ran out of perverted words to look at or just starting to look at perverted words.
A)He has 2 penises.
B/C/D)I am gay, so I am going to look up "penis".

I gone through vagina, orgy, dick, dingaling, Puh-uss, puss, penz0r, paste, cum and now I have finally reached the "penis" milestone.

The first thing I looked up at UD was Penis.
by hanes May 20, 2005
The wang, shlong, ding dong, junk, goods, bits'n'pieces, cock, dick...
Like M&Ms, the penis melts in her mouth and not in her hands.
by shemp February 19, 2005
the part of your body that give you a pee in the shower as you aim for a shampoo tagret
Do you want to go in the shower and have some sex?
Sure. As long as we can aim at a shampoo target.
And pee all over each other and suck each others penis.
Sure! Why Not?
by PENISinYOURmouth January 24, 2005
A body organ of male mamals, used for sexual intercourse and discharge of urine. The thing I suck on all night long. G2G so I can give my boyfriend Blake a blow job.
Me giving head to my boyfriend Blake.
by Jessica June 16, 2004

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