The love pole. Girls need it because it makes the feel real. A real good girls likes to suck on it all the time just to feel useful in life.
Jim's girlfriend sucks his penis a lot because if she didn't she would whether and die out of uselessness.
by Big Hard on September 13, 2003
a 7 inch long protrusion from my inner thigh
Damn i got a big ass Penis!!!
by Crohn Rukes August 24, 2003
The plural form of penis.
Did you see all those peni? They were yugely perplexing with their atteetudes.
by Danielle June 04, 2003
Long, shaft-like, love-making tool just right for sticking into a girl's ass, vagina, or mouth, whichever you prefer
Laura loves to get it in the mouth and in the vagina
by Doobie June 02, 2003
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