n. possible out come of performing Greek Fire. The lit penis can ignite methane gas in the gastrointestinal tract of the recipient causing an explosion, and thus creating penis shrapnel.
The Greek Fire went wrong and i got some "Penis shrapnel". When I pulled out all I had was a bloddy stump.
by Carrotglace February 13, 2007
Top Definition
the result of the male penis getting overly excited and thus causing a nuclear explosion
inside the tip of the male penis, much like a warhead. when this rare occurance happens, the tip of the
penis litterly propels off of the penis shaft moving at excess speeds of 1000 mph, trailin behind a
mixture of blood and penile juices. having contact with any of the tissue and/or fluids is extremely fatal
Imran still gets pelted with large amounts of penis shrapnel from taliban people.
by Imran CARRRRRRRRRR January 31, 2005
penis shrapnel-

residue left after too much pressure wuz built up at the tip of the male penis, can be caused by
many things, somtimez by trying to have anal intercourse with a gurl under the age of 12, or can be
caused by getting excited too rapidly causing all teh blood to rush to the penis and explode. also iz very fatal if the victim iz recieving oral stimulation at the time of the explosion, wich is
known to decapacitate the head of the person giving the oral stimulatoin leaving nuthing but a body
Imran was hit in the face by Bob's penis shrapnel.
by Imran Carr January 30, 2005
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