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n: a vagina, anus or mouth
Timmy slid his dick into her warm wet penis receptacle. After a few medium paced strokes Timmy switched to the tighter penis receptacle and then proceeded to nut all over her last penis receptacle.
by Trees DT November 29, 2009
A whorish girl's mouth. Usually this person's name is Jamie and she likes to work as a temporary employee in a warehouse that employs a majority of males. She typically enjoys black penis in her mouth often which she refers to as "dome". There isn't ever an inappropriate time or place(whether it be in a cold environment or an office setting)for any kind of sexual activity for this person known as a "Jamie".
I got this bitch, Jamie, drunk and she totally put my junk in her penis receptacle. I think I need to go to the clinic and get checked out now.
by bustin.out.the.whores August 22, 2008