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(noun) (1)reasoning assessed according to strict principles of validity as defined by a man's penis. (2)the total and complete lack of actual logical thinking when a man's thinking with his junk. (3)the mechanism by which a man's penis can completely erase any rationality or reasoning capability.
At 11:30pm on a Tuesday night, Mark is out with a guy friend. He has to be up at 6am to go to work to do hard manual labor for a 10-hour shift. He's married with two kids. An older unattractive sloppy-drunk woman wants to take him home for sex. With all the above information, PENIS LOGIC only says to him, "Hey--It's NEW" so he goes with her. He later loses his job, wife, kids, and most of his future income to alimony/child support.
by Holly M S May 22, 2010
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