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A Penis Genius is often (but not limited to) a girl who can do fantastic, funky things with a penis, resulting in pleasure that's off the chart. It is popular opinion that a Penis Genius must be a slut. Incorrect. A Penis Genius is more often than not a girl who is very conscious of her actions, the sort of "only doing things when i love him" kind of girl. The sort of girl who you must make your girlfriend before she reveals herself as a Penis Genius.
Note: A Penis Genius can also come in the form of a homosexual male.
Dude 1: "Hey dude! Your new Girlfriend seems nice, haven't seen her at many parties though, how is she?"
Dude 2: "Absolute Penis Genius!"

Dude: "Nice new boyfriend man."
Gay Dude: "Gosh he is just super. Fabulous with my penis. Total Penis Genius"
by Squirtle&Charmander September 10, 2011
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