Commonly defined as an intentional beheading of the penis in which the offender had no prior intent to decapitate the one-eyed wonder worm. Usually occurring in the heat of passion.
While Jane was trying on her new pair of Arabian goggles, and enjoying her slurpe, the Seven Eleven clerk became disgruntled, asking her to pay for the expensive goggles. In a fit of rage Jane bit off the purple helmet shape nose piece, inadvertently committing penicular manslaughter.
by llamallamma March 20, 2007
Top Definition
The act of killing someone with your massive man member. No harm is bestowed upon hector the cave inspector, only the victim he chose in inspect to vigorously. The penis is found not guilty if the corpse has been proven to be dead prior to the act. Upon dismissal, the offender will be convicted of necrophilia.
If you kill some one with your cock is it considered Penicular Manslaughter?
by Matt Tomlinson February 15, 2008
The act of fornicating someone to death.
Guy 1: How was it?
Guy 2: I killed her.
Guy 1: Tore the pussy up huh?
Guy 2: No, she's dead.
Guy 1: Penicular Manslaughter huh? When's the wake?
by Jayme B. Thompson May 26, 2011
when a god-like man with a god-like member has intercourse with 69 women in 24 hours, women have no equivalent to a penicular manslaughter.
dude i just pulled off a penicular manslaughter yesterday!
by D3r Schatten November 02, 2010

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