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Proper noun: Frenchified form of Penge, a south London suburb which is full of pikeys and as rough as a badger's arse. It has recently enjoyed an influx of gentrifiers who are desperately talking the area up. If pronounced 'ponjay' (with a very soft 'j') an estate agent will add £2500 to the price of your crack den with a blocked toilet.
Laurent and Guy bake these oat-sprinkled baguettes every morning in their boulangerie in the bohemian quarter of Pengé.
Mmmm. Such a wealthy bouquet. Wait! They're identical to the ones I buy from Tesceaux in Croix Nouveau!
#gentrification #battercia #bois de colliers #croùch end #frenchify #frenchified
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress October 02, 2005
A land full of friendly face's ready to rob you, bum you and set you on fire.
Don't answer your phone in penge!
by Lee Bryan March 08, 2005
To Penge oneself, is to catch or collide one's genital region accidentally on a static object such as a table corner, fence post or shelf, usually in a mundane every day situation.
i got up from my chair too quickly and penged myself on the desk
#catch #snag #genitalia #accident #injury
by Borne June 24, 2007
An old woman's genitalia.
Mavis flashed her penge wholeheartedly, with good cheer, at every possible opportunity.
#minge #flange #klunge #plume #bouquet
by Silly Paper Horse December 11, 2009
The half swilled skank at the bottom of a beer glass, usually a pint.
"Would you care to finish off my penge?"
#swill #back wash #peng #penj #urgh
by Silly Paper Horse November 28, 2009
Someone who isn't just peng, so deserves a better word/longer to describe how unbelievably fit they are.
N - Omg have you seen that guy?
RT - Yeah, OMG, he's PENGE!
#peng #choong #fit #hot #buff
by RT123321 December 06, 2010
The male supra-pubic region of hair.
What a luxurious penge!
#muff #pubic hair #man #male #supra-pubic
by maninalift August 29, 2007
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