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Penetration + Stadium = Penetradium.
1. (Noun) - House/Location reserved for the act of penetration and observation of said act. Typically associated with large quantities of leather, chains, whips, gag balls, gimp masks, chaps, vests, saddles, blind folds, spikes, collars, choke chains, hand cuffs, leg cuffs and other orifice plugging and extremity restriction devices.
2. (Noun) - Location accepting of unrequested objects.
3. (Verb) - Insistence or threat of placing an unwanted object. "
1. "Lets go to the Penetradium tonight!"
2. "Ouch! He took it right in the Penetradium!"
3. Damn she's hot! I be all up in her Penetradium tonight!"
by Benetradium August 23, 2004

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