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its one part dick and one part vagina
both parts equally divided.
My Friend Kip Loves The PeenPoon!
by WH14 August 03, 2010
1. A Nickname for a person who meets 3 specific criteria:

* They work in a warehouse.

* They are Melungeon.

* They play the drums.

2. The last name of famous nightclub singer, Randy Peenpoon.
1. "Have you seen Peenpoon? He was supposed to be unloading the truck. He must be playing drums somewhere."

2. "Randy Peenpoon loves to fuck hoes."
by melungeonpeenpoon March 24, 2010
Butt. Butthole. Rectum. Rectal area.
"I fucked this girl up the peen poon!"
by Anonymous November 19, 2002
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