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Da man who invented da hook-up
Ya'll crackas think ya'll got da hook up....well I, Peedy, invented da hook up. You see....................
da hat acces da doo rag, da doo rag access da shirt, tha shirt acces da pants, tha pants access the shoes, and da shoes, "BAM!!!" access da lining(show your boxers)
by Peedy..I AM PEEDY HO September 22, 2003
5 14
short for; a paedophile
a perv
theres this kid in my school called matt wieland and he talks about baby P.
so we all call him peedy
by Y.Money March 22, 2009
17 6
A really annoying talking bird created by Microsoft
Peedy is so annoying, I made a video of him jumping off a cliff.
by Matthew December 29, 2003
11 6
peedy is a super fast connection that Sam wants to match... but knows he can cuz its super peedy fast
"you on your peedy wireless?"
by peedy_potter March 07, 2005
1 11