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1) A Person Who Yells Shut Up and waves his hands in a wavering motion for a really long time.

2)A Person Who Usually Falls Down The Bus Aile and yells oh shit because you told them to.

3)A Really Gay Guy Who thinks he/she is so cool but really he is a cum slut and dosent know what a cum slut is or a bonner or a 8==D

4)Some1 who is horny most of the tiime because the only girlfriend they have ever had was in "Texas" ((:

5) Some1 who likes to get near yer face because it is the closest they have ever been to a "girls face"

6)You can find him with BUBBA.! and he will be dropping the soap
Dude:Wow..Your such a fucken pedrogasim.!

Guy:DAMN..! You just got yer mom

guy2:Stfu yew penny dropper..
by Pwned By Yer Mom November 04, 2009
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