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The shadiest and dodgiest person in the known universe. His real name is Gary, and where he got the name 'Pedlow Bob' from is anyone's guess. Wears a trench-coat and flings it open at passer-bys; no-one knows what is contained inside which Pedlow Bob seems to find so interesting.
Pedlow Bob: 'Argh! Pedlow Bob!!!'
Ben: 'Go away Gary'
by Enemy April 15, 2005
Man, this is one shady guy. Came from too much trenchcoating-action. Goes by the name of "Gary" in the day.
Uncle Ben = "Hey Gary, Your Dinners Ready...."

Pedlow Bob = "IM NOT HUNGRY!" *flings trenchcoat open*
by Foxeh April 08, 2005
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