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(Noun) Peh-chen-E

1. A commonly mispronounced last name. Often pronounced by unfamiliar others as: Pe-shay, Pee-chee-nee, Pec-any, Pay-cheny, or some other phonetically incorrect way.

2. Sometimes these unfamiliar others wont even bother trying to pronounce the last name and choose to skip over it all together (Give credit to the ones who accept the fact they can't pronounce it and just spell it out).
Example of Correct Pronunciation:

"His last name is Pecheny"

Example of Laziness and Incorrect Pronunciation:

Example 1: "Is David Pec-any here?"

Example 2: "Tyler Smith, Joe Williams, Nicole, Maria Adams.."
by TheFamiliarStranger February 04, 2010
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