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Other than a cookie, it's a, a sexual meaning...

"We gotta trick the moms into letting us bop with 'em" -Frank Reynolds
I went to the store, but they were out of Pecan Sandies, so looks like you and I are going to make our own...if you know what I mean...
by barbaradear February 08, 2009
A very rough HJ, definitely without any kind of lubrication, and in extreme conditions given out by someone with dry, cracked hands. A likely side effect of this act is a severely chafed penis. Perversely, some gentlemen prefer this to regular HJs, i.e. Ralph Cifaretto from The Sopranos.
"Wow, I was so drunk last night that I went home with this fat chick and she gave me a pecan sandy. My dick is so raw, I can't even put on a pair of pants."
by LongJahnSilver June 19, 2013
A type of cookie that is favoured by Roger from TV series American Dad!
Roger: Pretty sure I asked for a pecan sandy...
by Joe Wasner April 04, 2008
A male and/or female who has sand leaking from their vagina. Meaning one who is in a bad mood and tries to bring others down with them.
"Adam was playing beer pong until he turned into a Pecan Sandy."

"Someone get that pecan sandy a bucket to catch the sand leaking from his vagina."
by Papa Chub July 10, 2008
After jizzing on the woman's chest, you pour pecans on top of the jizz, thus creating a naughty treat for yourself or a third person.
by Big Bronc February 04, 2010
the most delicious and mostly beautiful coookie like frickin ever and its so good i eat so many wheni am baked its delicoius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eat them alot
'mmm give me that pecan sandy man!'
by rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrachel March 07, 2005
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